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For Children

Children’s English Classes

Research shows that children who learn languages from a young age are able to achieve an extremely high level with the right training and support. Exposure to as much of the target language as possible is one of the key contributing factors and the only way to experience this is by having native teachers.

At Única Idiomas we have a variety of classes to suit all ages and levels. Each level is specifically designed to aid your child’s progression. Not only are languages crucial in today’s world, but also in your child’s development of other important social skills.

We offer group, one to two or individual classes which are specifically designed to help motivate and encourage young learners. We aim to provide as much opportunity as possible for them to communicate in the language. Children are grouped according to age and level. With a máximum of 8 students per class, you can be assured that your child will have ample opportunity to use the language.

Our programme is divided into 4 stages:

  • Stage 1 - For the youngest learners 3 - 6 years old
  • Stage 2 – Primary learners 7 – 11 years old

At stages 1 and 2 we aim to develop the foundations of the language using motivating methods to encourage our young students. The focus will be on exposing them to the language and working on basic structures and vocabulary to ensure they can communicate easily and effectively.

  • Stage 3 – Secondary learners 12- 16 years old
  • Stage 4 – Secondary plus learners 17+ years old

At stages 3 and 4 the aim is to consolidate previous knowledge and develop on their foundation so that the students can go on to achieve a high level. The courses will compliment what the child is studying at school but all the time putting more emphasis on oral communication.

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For Adults

General English Classes - Adults

If you have always wanted to learn a language or improve a language you already have some knowledge of then our General English Classes are the ones for you. Offering all levels, from complete beginner to advanced, our classes are adapted to suit the needs of our students. The classes will help you improve all skill areas, (receptive skills such as listening and reading as well as productive skills, speaking and writing). Of course there is added emphasis on improving your oral communication and with native teachers you have the best opportunity for improving your pronunciation.

We offer small group classes (max 8 people), one to one ( one teacher, one student) or one to two (one teacher, two students). Whatever your needs we have the right option for you to achieve your goal.

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Preparation for official exams

Official Exam Preparation Classes - English

Here at Única Idiomas we can help you achieve your goal of obtaining an official qualification. We have experience preparing students for all levels of the Cambridge exams – KET (A2), PET (B1), First Certificate (B2), Advanced (C1) and Proficiency C2). As well as this we offer TOEFL, TOIEC and IELTS exam preparation classes. In addition, we have experience preparing students for the English exam required by the University of Cantabria.

Our experience along with specialised books and supplementary materials, which focus on all skills, will aid your progression on the road to achieving your qualification.

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Clases para empresas

Due to the current economic situation in Spain many companies are becoming aware of the need to open up to new markets and to foreign countries. With our individualized programmes we plan to help them by improving their employees' English.


We have the solutions to enhance all your personnel’s English knowledge. Individualized programmes taking into account your company’s needs.

  • In Company – Group classes on your company’s premises.
  • Individual Coaching – Services directed at executives and professionals, who because of their specific job area, need to prepare themselves to receive training outside Spain, go on business trips and widen their language abilities to receive foreign visits.

Our programmes include:

  1. General English
  2. Corporate programme: This consists of general English content as well as specific material related to work situations. This course aims to improve the language skills of executives focusing on their sales, negotiation and marketing abilities.
  3. Admin programme: This course aims to improve the English of those who are the company’s first point of contact and who have to receive calls, mails and visits in English so they can professionally manage these situations.
  4. Workshops: Social conversation programmes, writing emails and formal letters, presentation and conference preparation.
  5. Official exams preparation
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