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Única Idiomas

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All ages

All ages

For The Little Ones

A relaxed and informal atmosphere makes Única Idiomas the ideal place to start learning a second language in a fun and enjoyable way.

For Children

Our specially designed programmes will help develop children’s knowledge in a second language whilst maintaining their motivation.

For Teenages

Our highly qualified native staff will help teenages continue to perfect their second language with our carefully planned courses.

For Adults

Our courses are adjusted to your needs, offering you high quality, practical and effective training.
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All levels

All levels

Preparation for official exams

At Única Idiomas we offer you highly qualified native teachers trained to help you pass all types of official exams.

General English and conversation

Language classes, no matter what your level. Learn at your own pace setting your own objectives.


Made to measure business classes, specifically designed for your sector by highly qualified, experienced teachers.
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Native Teachers

Native teachers have a natural feeling for language and how to use it in different contexts. This fluency and natural use of language provides the best model for learners.


There are many methods used in English Language Teaching, each one focusing on a specific set of techniques. By using a mixture of all current methodologies as well as leaving the door open for new ones, students are sure to achieve their goals.


By using the latest technology in the classroom, we engage student’s attention. Research has shown that if a student is engaged they acquire more of the target language.

Passion for Languages

We are active and passionate about teaching English, sharing ideas and challenging ourselves further at every opportunity. We want to make a difference and pass on our enthusiasm for languages and learning to our students.



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